More is more is more

In the early morning hours, i like to sit at my room and watch at the rays of sunshine creep across the view behind my home. As I continued to write , the more i concentrated on my stories .


Now, i had a notebook in my hand, writing down the stories to be my next. I still remember the day i first project with my mate. We went down the desk and hit the plan. he likes photography as well and owned a photography business known as Wiama Daya, and let me learn much to get in a photography shot.


The surprise factor is we had a team work with owner of best florist shop in Jakarta, Indonesia. We grab the special bouquet to makes the photo more content , known as Madame Florist and it was so beautiful. The moment we put plan in action, i knew that its so delightful.In a way, he is looking forward to me experiencing photo in outdoor place.


By driven the car, i flopped into the seat and stared out the window and the weather seems a bit cloudy. I Sighed. But yeah it’s not broken the spirit inside of course.

Well, we’re closer to the destined place. One of beach is located in Jakarta, Ancol Beach. We stepped at 06.00 in the morning. It’s seems like a good. With the mood board displayed, the shot has began. Like anything worth having, the plan is involved.

Without expecting too, i had created my own happiness.

“Some people pursue happiness, others create it”

For many of us, the concept of romance is visions of fancy gift and flowers , or extravagant evenings event . However the true meaning is how the profound like the heart is the magical romance when we’ve been touched by love. Choose a cheerful hearts. It works .

Thanks For Reading

Aurora Sury


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