When it counts

The music blares, and  my favorite song in playlist is turning on, it  can be heard faintly over me. Well, the story  dedicated to my little brother , names Gary.  I remember every years is counted until this time , yes of course all the joy and happiness.


We’ve been through together for almost 20 years. On November 3rd, 2015 Gary passed away. Things have changed in my life over the past one year, he meant so much to me. i could barely hold back my tears.


My mind was spinning like an animal in a cage. what am i going to say to get out of this? So many memories we’ve made together, it was tough facing the fact that everything was changing.


I had to say Goodbye to Gary, he must be in a higher place in the world and what i will say is when I looked up into the sky, and through the leftover clouds i saw one single bright ray of sunshine, deeply in my heart…  i will always love you Gary.


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