New Challenge

Like a river reaches the ocean, that’s what i called for relationship between me and my boyfriend. I am build with a kind person “sometimes i would say yes-sometimes i would say no”. And my memories bring back to a moment that we’ve been agreed, a months before,  we are decided to run at the beautiful forest , located at Gunung Pancar Sentul – Bogor. Well, Hello from Indonesia! Ah, realizing that there is good potential places around. As an Indonesian, i’m a proud one.


We’ve been exploring and running for miles and miles in a run track. Oh yes, the track is too many of rocks, makes you feel that you are climbed, Wow it’s a great workout! we’ve spend for almost 1 hour to finished around.

The pictures was taken without completely of preparation for the camera, i just want to chill around, and my boyfriend need to freshen up his mind, of course to enjoy the moment but surprisingly he always succeed to get me in a frame, even it’s just captured with camera phone, Thanks for that!


Anyway, after we finished our workout, we interested to comes to  one of restaurant around there, known as Aurora Mansion. I am seriously feeling a little bit confused because of i didn’t have a lot of pictures to show you about that one.


From 11-12 PM they serve western food, heavier meal of course included started on a lunch time. The spaghetti is so tempting! but, i would like to test my experience about the food later on, i will keep on update about the price and well ingredients in the next stories ! promises 🙂

Thanks for Reading

Aurora Sury


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