It’s a Yumm of Petit Fours

How are you guys? How was your week? Busy! good. Yes yes i know we are all terribly busy, but the one thing to be noted that you are never leaves someone who do you loved like your bestfriends , your mate or  your families. Love is such a great way to expression our feelings. Love can creates you to be someone that someone who are very creative, passionate and still feel so alive, of course . When i thought to create something to be a present for someone else, almost in time i tried to make a kind of dessert. Besides on that, i improved my skill to joined at Kim’s Workshop. She had experience to be  a chef in NOMZ, located in Grand Indonesia.

And how about yours? What is your best way to express love to the ones beside? Gift? oh, yes! All of us are very excited when we talked about gift, especially as a girl 😀 But above all, Love is immeasurable and , when shared , is the most precious gift of all.


Are you familiar with Petit Fours? A Petit Four were traditionally made in a smaller oven next to the main oven, the names from French which means small oven.Last time that i talked before , I joined for Petit Four Workshop with chef Kimmy Pangestu at Almond zucchini. She patiently answered any questions we had. She already had presented a series of Petit Four. This workshop was more intensive, more focused on learning and practice we had excited along that day.


Chef Kim planned a delightful menu of desserts such as Mini Choux, Variety of Tartlets, Apple Verrine, Pannacotta, Raspberry Jelly and Chocolate Fudge. , and most amazingly, much product came with high quality – so fresh. I had surprised and full of excitement until the workshop ends.


That’s very interesting! What a great group of people! everyone gathered around in one table, enjoyed all the dessert together , discussed about the next alternative for our ingredients, we are all packed in one room with food and laughter, and  we’re bare in mind to practice, practice and practice .  It was a sweet moments that created, we’re lingering for the last conversation and promises to keep in touch. Well, let’s create one of that dessert to be the next present 🙂

Thanks For Reading

Swastika Sury


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